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Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the company that manages various Martha Stewart properties, is also doing some promotional work.The company will leverage its relationships with retailers that sell Martha Stewart-branded goods — including Macy’s and Pet Smart — to call attention to the shift.By Brian Steinberg Advertising Age Hallmark Channel’s recipe for launching a new block of Martha Stewart-themed daytime programming on its air calls for generous helpings of, well, any promotional tool you can conceive.In an effort that will encompass everything from TV promos to coupons to entreaties at a bevy of national retailers, the Crown Media Holdings-owned cable outlet is working furiously to ensure fans of Ms.Obviously he'll follow the Baywatch actress and maybe other female models for appearance's sake, but I bet he'll also follow a bunch of pretty Hollywood twinks/boybanders and probably some shirtless trainers/"fitness gurus"Oh, cmon. So he likes Harry Styles and went to see his performance, so what?You can starfuck your idol couple of times, but this shit looks like some sort of serious relationship. But with this weird birthday tweet and house in Green Bay? Fox Sports in 2015 on Harry Styles: The One Direction singer is a real Green Bay Packers fan and even has a Packers tattoo just above his left elbow, so it’s no surprise he talked the talk when 1D played Milwaukee’s Miller Park on Tuesday night.Anyway, think about it-- even if the blind item sites are fake trash, how did they know there would be an Aaron Rodgers lookalike (or even the man himself) at the performance for them to fabricate a blind about?I find it hard to believe that they were tipped off by an online viewer who identified him, because AR's screentime is so fleeting that you'd only notice him if you had been specifically looking for him.

"Hallmark, one of America’s most wholesome brands, must have determined that her negatives are mostly forgotten.Stewart’s recent programs, which have been syndicated though local broadcast stations for years, will make the move when her popular "Martha Stewart" program and others start airing on Hallmark on Sept. "Having her fans know where they can find her on a consistent day on a consistent network — that is a challenge when you’re in syndication," said Susanne Mc Avoy, senior VP-marketing, Hallmark Channel.The new effort, she said, aims to make sure her fans know where to come and when.It's more likely to me that the tip came from someone such as a rogue venue employee who spotted him in person but wasn't able to get any pics because they were on the who knows, maybe pics might surface of Aaron being at the performance and so he might be doing the smart thing atm of preemptively publicizing his status as a Harry Styles fan.That way if proof surfaces that he was there, he can point to his fan status and be like "so what?

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